As the premier commercial real estate finance and private equity broker, LUCEV Finance & Investment Group delivers financial products-remarkable for its innovation. Moreover, found in mutual trust and respect, with our clients, business partners, stake holders; local and global communities, we foster long term relationships.

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We professionally represent our clients and their projects to a broad range of specialty lenders and private investors-matching each transaction with the conventional or alternative lender most likely to provide the requested finance and funding capability.

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With near inexhaustible sources of funding, clients and investors are backed by financial powerhouses. Our wholesale and private lender relationships offer cumulative years of business banking and lending experience. Finally, we are committed to facilitate straight talk, expertise, seamless transactions and competitive pricing.

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What we do well...

We are national brokers of conventional and private investor equity funds. To source readily accessible funds, commercial real estate professionals, speculators and investors seek our services. LUCEV Finance & Investment Group, LLC provides funding sources from traditional lending sources and private investors.  Our organization matches prospective borrower with a lender.  Between all parties, LUCEV Finance negotiates mutually agreeable covenants.

Furthermore, we provide the necessary due diligence i.e. independent property appraisal(s), insurance declaration(s), principal credit and qualification evaluation. Next, we forward a loan proposal package to the prospective capital investor to include an executive summary and exit strategy. Finally, if the loan parameters are acceptable, to complete the transaction, we continue our administrative due diligence with the capital investor, title and escrow companies. Most important, LUCEV Finance & Investment Group, LLC maintains a fiduciary responsibility and aggressively protects the interest(s) of clients.


Next Steps...

Our business model is designed to meet the fundamental needs of the real estate agent, mortgage banker or broker, investor and long-term buyer(s).  To close and fund more real estate transactions, for conversation and value-added service, contact us.