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We routinely partner to originate, close and fund normal to more difficult commercial and non-owner occupied residential real estate purchase, acquisition, development and refinance projects. In scope, these real estate projects or credit instruments range from $1MM to $80MM (USD). To close and fund commercial real estate purchase transactions, on behalf of clients, LUCEV Finance completes necessary due diligence and answers our client’s business development needs.

Because commercial lending needs are unique, our lender relationships assess preference for risk exposure. As a result, LUCEV Finance DOES NOT advertise loan rates or terms. Once a loan request is received, analysis completed, rates and terms are better understood and disclosed.


Bridge loans are associated with time-sensitive situations and work to expedite the loan process. For a variety of challenging situations, interim financing provides real estate investors and borrowers with a financial solution. In any number of loan structures and options, short-term bridge financing is available. To provide the most favorable terms, for investment needs, LUCEV Finance navigates these options and facilitates leveraged lending terms. Though we value financial capital, long-term relational capital is preferred. This long-term understanding allows LUCEV Finance to reposition this short-term financing into a permanent long-term structure.


This type of loan is ascribed to conventional lending parameters and requires: a) personal and business tax returns; b) pro forma; c) profit and loss statements; d) current covenants and agreements in force. Often indicative of loan amount, based on the level and complexity of the loan request, an executive summary or a comprehensive business plan needs to be included. By detailing the capacity to repay the loan, LUCEV Finance is best able to leverage long-term financial solutions.


When conventional financing proves inappropriate or undesirable, private investor or equity loans provide creative and quick access to both private and institutional funds. Based on the value of the property and feasibility of the project, the hard money lender may approve the loan request. Without significant regard to traditional loan documentation, hard money loans are based on the collateral anchoring the loan. LUCEV Finance serves as a broker of multi-million-dollar private equity and hard money resources.


With corporate accounting irregularities, fraud and senior executive malfeasance, real estate secured investments are the safest alternative and offer the greatest rates of return. LUCEV Finance facilitates real estate investments and provides the necessary due diligence; i.e. independent property appraisal(s), insurance declaration(s), principle credit and qualification evaluation.


A Standby Letter of Credit is used to facilitate a payment or performance guarantee. Because these letters are used as a backup, should the buyer fail to pay as agreed, these are often called non-performing letters of credit. By showing that it can fulfill its payment commitments, an SBLC allows the buyer to establish rapport with the seller. To guarantee repayment of loans, ensure fulfillment of a contract and secure payment for goods delivered by third parties, pending total release of purchase funds, an SBLC is an effective alternative financing option. By way of our banking relationships, LUCEV Finance facilitates letters of credit.


As introduced by blockchain and crypto-currency, because of the disruption and changing modalities of bank financing; LUCEV Finance has secured Venture Capital relationships. These relationships serve information technology sectors and other related areas of innovation. To fund early-stage and emerging firms, those deemed to have high growth potential, Venture capital (VC) is another source of private equity. Venture capitalists accept the risk of financing projects and developing firms-hoping these prove successful. In exchange for capital infusion, the Principal(s) accept both debt and fractional ownership; i.e. equity (assigned to the venture capitalist). Then, funding is made available. Because commercial lending needs are unique, our lender relationships assess their preference for risk exposure. As a result, LUCEV Finance does not advertise loan rates or terms. Once a loan request is received, analysis completed, rates and terms are disclosed.

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WE HAVE ACCESS TO NEAR INEXHAUSTIBLE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL FUNDING CAPABILITY.  For detailed analysis, forward a loan inquiry or an Executive Summary.